Fundraising for toilets construction in an elementary school


This is the toilets situation of “Mandal Parishad Pradhamika Pathashala” in Pendurti, Visakhapatnam district. Facilities on school premises are completely damaged and unusable. Girls have to go outside the school to nearby friend’s place to relieve themselves. They have to cross unguarded railway crossing. Teachers try to accompany them to cross the gate but it isn’t always possible.

My aunt is a teacher in this school and we want to help them build toilets in the school premises. She approached a builder and got a quote for 4 toilets with running water. This will cost around $1000. I am collecting funds and this campaign will be the primary source for the funds. I am requesting donations from my closest friends only for this campaign and will publish their names on this blog unless they choose to remain anonymous. I will update this blog with the progress and upon completion I will publish the finance report. This is a closely monitored project as my aunt is on-site and the builder will be  monitored by my uncle who is a private contractor.

Please send your donations through Zelle or personal cheques. I will provide my phone number tied to Zelle so you can transfer. Please mention if you want to remain anonymous on the donation list.

Thank you for your time and help!




Update #1 – 10/15/2019

Thank you for the generous donations. These are the people helped fund the project.

Srinivasa Katragadda

Pratap Vedula

Ravi Parikh

Swapna Chanda

Ravi Mangalagiri

Naresh Avasarala

Smitha Gaddam

Ramakrishna Gorti

Vidya Attuluri

Neelima Jonnalagedda

Aruna Nirujogi

This is the plan we got from the builder and gave a go ahead with the construction. You all made this possible. I am fortunate to have philanthropist friends like you! I will keep posting updates in this page as we progress. Once again thank you!

Screen Shot 2019-10-15 at 9.53.32 AM


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my Adam

I got my Adam finally…

one liner: so happy with it and it is worth the wait.

god l fell in love with this little thing. It is more useful than any other mobile device. I just connected  to hdmi, amazing. NI’s soft multi-touch keyboard  is awesome. I haven’t seen any mobile device where you can do control c and control v literrally. Have installed flash player from freewarelovers and working fine so far.

1. NI keyboard, it is awesome. We  can literally do control c  and control v just like ona  regular  keyboard.
2.  Hdmi is superb.
3. Plugged in 32gb flash drive and sniffer said it is a 15gb, but i could see all the files. Opened couple  of pdfs and  reading is  good. Especially holding  adam in portrait is really comfortable.
4.  installed flash  and angrybirds game from freewarelovers (the did not open the android market as genesis, NI’s app store will be coming soon).
5. camera quality is good.
6. browser crashed couple of times after installing flash.

So far found few issues:

1. Plugged in 32gb usb and sniffer shows it  as 15gb(all thee files are shown though).
2. Facebook app does not worrk in the leaf.
3. no access to android market, waiting for the release of genesis..
4. Could not apply the screen  protector properly  and lot of dirt got stuck, such a crappy job I did.

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short story of “a week without cell phone”

I wanted to try surviving without a cell phone.
I get calls from work very rarely and I need a phone only for letting my wife know that I started from work or I am stuck in the traffic.
So went to google and got a voice number. Added my desk number and home number and set timings.
Everything went fine for two days.
I was so happy that one of my pockets is empty and I don’t need to take something to bed every night.
In just next two days I missed more than 4 calls from work which were important, uggghhh.
My colleagues started calling on my carpool’s cell phone in order to reach me, quite embarrassing.
That weekend I’ve decided to get a prepaid phone and added the same to google voice.
The reason for prepaid is that I hardly use 200 minutes a month and thought I would save some money.
మునిగే దాకా లోతు తెలీదు అంటే ఏంటో తెలిసింది (can’t tell the depth until you take a dip 😉 ).
The only thing I considered was 10c per minute. There is 7c charge per voice mail and 4c charge per missed call and the prepaid balance has an expiration period.
Besides all this, the problems with using goolge voice and tethering needs of my new sweet tablet Adam led me to take unlimited everything plan and so you got to update my mobile once again.
I cancelled AT&T thinking they are bad guys with bad service and went with T-Mobile. Next morning AT&T bought T-mobile, back to the bad guys……

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Hello world!

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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